1001 Game Development Adventure

“Every artist has about 10,000 bad drawings in them. Go ahead and get them out.” -Anonymous

I am also sort of an artist and Game Development is an art form. So i really want to get those bad games out of me. The best method to overcome procrastination as well as never completing Bug would be some thing like a game Jam. And at our place we don’t have one. so, I have decided that i will have a game a week project with some theme in mind. Here it will not be about how it looks but it will be more about how interesting is it, to play.

But before getting in, i want to make sure that i am comfortable with the tools i am gonna use. For that purpose i will be having warmup games. Which is nothing but just reproducing some tutorial games referring to some websites.

The first tool i want to start with is  Cocos2D-X.

Hopefully this will give me a kick-start beginning for my Indie Game Development adventure.


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